August 08, 2017

Video Showing How Allergy Vials are Made for Allergy Shots

Our office has created a new video showing how allergy vials are made for patients undergoing allergy shots. Check it out!

There are essentially 3 steps:

Step 1:

Create graded dilutions of all allergic items (i.e., cats, dogs, trees, grasses, ragweed, etc). This is called the allergy board.

Step 2:

Based on allergy test results, the actual serum used to inject into patients is made. The more severe the allergy, the more dilute the initial concentration used. The more mild the allergy, the more concentrated the initial solution used.

Step 3:

Weekly allergy shot injections are performed. Over time, more and more concentrated serum is created for allergy injections (period known as buildup) until the maximum concentration of all the different allergies is used to create the serum. At this point, known as maintenance, allergy shots may continue for years until the patient becomes tolerant. Once tolerance is achieved, the patient is symptom free and is no longer considered allergic. Furthermore, the patient will no longer require any allergy medications. 

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