March 25, 2017

How Loud is it Where You Live?

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics has created an interactive comprehensive "noise map" showing how "loud" it is to live in different parts of the United States (for the year 2014). The map depicts data on noise produced primarily by airports and interstate highways. Noise pollution is worst where it is red (80 decibels or higher) and best where it is white (less than 40 decibels).

Check out how loud it is where you live here!

Click here to look at some noise charts comparing decibels to common sounds as well as when it may damage hearing. In my neck of the woods, the noise pollution is not that bad (Warrenton, VA):

However, the metro Washington DC region 45 minutes east is quite a bit louder:

That does not compare to how loud it is in New York City however:

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