September 25, 2016

Suction Powered Nasal Irrigation

Most sino-nasal irrigation systems currently in use require passive drainage after flushing... typically into a sink. You squirt the saltwater into one nostril and the flush drains out the other side passively. However, there is a new system called "Navage" made by RhinoSystems that adds suction along with the flush.

The upper chamber is where clean water is held. There are two nasal pillows that goes into each nostril. By pushing a button, the water gets mixed with salt and flushes through one nostril pillow into the nose while the other nasal pillow suctions simultaneously to remove the flush out of the nose from the other side. The fluid is suctioned into the bottom chamber resulting in a "mess-free" nasal irrigating experience.

The upper chamber can hold 8 ounces of water and only works with a SaltPod which also needs to be purchased regularly for the device to work (button does not work if the SaltPod is expended). The SaltPods are NOT reusable. It also requires two AA batteries.

Overall, the concept is sound and essentially performs what much cheaper rinse bottles do (i.e., NettiPot, Neilmed, etc) but in an almost mess-free and convenient way though doubtful it works any better. There will be some residual nasal drainage once you remove, so you may still need that sink after use.

If cost is not a consideration to address allergies, chronic sinusitis, and nasal congestion, it may be worth considering this device for these unique advantages. However, compared to other electronic sinus irrigation systems like the SinuPulse Elite, it lacks a way to control the pressure.

Available for purchase on Amazon.

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