May 20, 2016

Singer Michael Buble Cancels Concerts Due to Vocal Cord Surgery

On May 18, 2016, Michael Buble announced on Twitter that he's canceling a few upcoming concerts due to an upcoming vocal cord surgery.

Few details are provided regarding the exact medical situation why vocal cord surgery is required for this wonderful singer. It could be nodules, polyps, cyst, etc. Regardless, voice rest is the normal typical requirement after surgical intervention. 

The past few years have been terrible for celebrity singers and their vocal cords. Here's a running list of singers sidelined by injured vocal cords.

• Michael Buble - May 2016
Kelly Clarkson - September 2015
Donny Osmond - August 2015
• Miranda Lambert - July 2015
• Meghan Trainor - July 2015
• Chad Kroeger - June 2015
• Sam Smith - April 2015
• Nathan Sykes - April 2013
• Nicki Manaj - August 2012
• Florence Welch - July 2012
• Maxwell - June 2012
• Keith Urban - Nov 2011
• Adele - Oct 2011
• John Mayer - September 2011
• Scott Weiland - September 2011

Watch a video of how vocal cord surgery is performed here!
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