November 04, 2015

Why Don't I Respond to Online Comments?

It's really a matter of time. I just don't have enough of it to respond to every single comment made on the blogs, videos, and webpages I have made over the years.

As of today, I have written 1466 blog articles, 1000+ webpages, and produced 95 videos. That also means I get a lot of comments on a daily basis...

About 50 comments per day.

And although in my early years I did respond to comments, I just don't have time to do so anymore as I have produced more content which resulted in even more comments.

After all, I work a full-time job which entails 10 hour days followed by a few more hours of responding to emails and phone calls from patients. Even when not "working," still more time is spent with work-related activities including administrative duties for the practice as well as hospital as well as keeping up with over 11 medical journals:

And than there are all the professional committee meetings I have to attend/participate in.

And when I'm not "working," I have two young children who I would rather spend time with.

After all that, when I do have some free time left over to devote to online social media, I rather spend the time creating new content rather than responding to old content. However, I do use comments as a source of ideas for writing even more new content.

Indeed, this blog article is in response to a comment criticizing the fact that I don't respond to comments.

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Anonymous said...

Writing from Madrid .
A month ago I found an article of yours quite interesting regarding bile reflux .At the time I didnt produce a copy and now I have been browsing but can not get hold of it.
Will you be so kind so as to indicate the complete address of it?
Muchas gracias

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