July 09, 2015

Miranda Lambert Cancels Calgary Show Due to Vocal Cord Inflammation

Image by Dave Hogg of Wikipedia
It was only last week that pop singer Meghan Trainor cancelled her shows due to vocal cord hemorrhage. Now country singer Miranda Lambert has done the same, but due to vocal cord hemorrhage.

She adds to a growing list of singers who have had to cancel shows/tours due to vocal cord problems:

Meghan Trainor - July 2015
• Chad Kroeger - June 2015
• Sam Smith - April 2015
• Nathan Sykes - April 2013
• Nicki Manaj - August 2012
• Florence Welch - July 2012
• Maxwell - June 2012
• Keith Urban - Nov 2011
• Adele - Oct 2011
• John Mayer - September 2011
• Scott Weiland - September 2011

In any case, this unfortunate news about Miranda Lambert was shared on the venue's Facebook page on July 7, 2015:

Normally, the vocal cords are pearly white without any blood on/in it. Watch a video of how this exam is performed.

However, when the vocal cords become inflamed, they turn red and swollen.

This is an unfortunate situation for a singer because of their regular voice use and need to use it forcefully. Given vocal use requires the vocal cords to come together and vibrate, with inflamed vocal cords, the pitch deepens and potentially becomes raspy. With continued voice use, it only irritates the vocal cords further worsening the hoarseness and pitch.

In this scenario, the voice is better in the morning and worse by the end of day with voice use.

STRICT VOICE REST is required along with steroids to help resolve the inflammation. Reflux medications are also recommended. If treated early, complete resolution of the vocal cord inflammation can occur within 1-2 weeks.

In "special" situations and depending on how bad the vocal cords are, a large dose of steroids can be administered to help with vocal cord inflammation to allow a singer to "get through" a performance with the caveat being absolute voice rest for a prolonged period of time afterwards. Such typical situations include important auditions or one-time performances (i.e., Christmas Show performance).


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