June 17, 2015

Toddler Dies from Ear Infection

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In March 2015, Hope Delozier who was 18 months old, died from an untreated left ear infection. According to media reports, the ear infection first started about 2 weeks prior to death. The parents elected to treat the child with a homeopathic approach and herbal treatments.

Unfortunately, this treatment approach did not work and child became sicker. On the day she died, she apparently did not wake up from a nap and mom noted that the breathing was labored and shallow, taking one breath approximately every 10 seconds. The toddler eventually stopped breathing and went limp. The mom than proceeded to perform CPR for approximately 30 minutes at which time the father arrived home and took the child to the emergency room where she was pronounced dead.

Autopsy indicated that the 18-month-old toddler had died of “streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis”, which caused a cerebral abscess and terminal brain swelling. The meningitis reportedly originated from a left ear infection which had been left untreated by conventional antibiotic therapy.

As such, the death was ruled a homicide and the parents arrested on charges of involuntary manslaughter as well as child endangerment.

Later interviews with the parents revealed that the child was born at home without the use of a midwife. The child had never seen a medical doctor nor received any vaccinations. She told police she performed her own research on vaccinations and found that they can be related to death, SIDS, autistic disorders, immune disorders, and shaken baby syndrome. While her views were not religiously motivated, she felt that God was the ultimate healer.

Needless to say, this toddler would still be alive if she had received even the most basic medical care. A run-of-the-mill antibiotic would have prevented this death let alone meningitis from the ear infection.

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