June 27, 2015

Lead Singer Chad Kroeger Has Vocal Cord Cyst

Image by Thakingdome of Wikipedia
Media reported June 23, 2015 that Nickelback is canceling its 2015 tour due to lead singer's Chad Kroeger suffering from a vocal cord cyst.  He will be undergoing surgery to excise this cyst sometime in July 2015 and will need to be on voice rest.

He joins a number of other singers over the past few years who had to cancel their tours due to such vocal cord problems including:

Sam Smith - April 2015
• Nathan Sykes - April 2013
• Nicki Manaj - August 2012
• Florence Welch - July 2012
• Maxwell - June 2012
• Keith Urban - Nov 2011
• John Mayer - September 2011
• Scott Weiland - September 2011

In any case, this unfortunate news about Nickelback was shared on Twitter on June 23, 2015:

Normally, the vocal cords are pearly white without any bumps on it. Watch a video of how this exam is performed.

However, when a small bump like a cyst is present, it causes a raspy voice, especially in the upper range with onset delays and pitch breaks. With repetitive phono-trauma not unusual in singers, it could aggravate the mucosa overlying the cyst causing it to swell with further vocal quality degradation.

Treatment is surgical excision with STRICT voice rest afterwards for a period of time.


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