June 13, 2015

Dr. Chang Quoted in EliteDaily Newspaper

On June 11, 2015, EliteDaily.com published a story that quoted Dr. Chang regarding why a recorded voice sounds different than the way you think it should sound.

It is a common question for which Dr. Chang has already written more comprehensively about here.

But at least in this particular article, he is quoted as saying:
When [people listen] to a recording of their voice speaking, the bone-conducted pathway that they consider part of their ‘normal’ voice is eliminated, and they hear only the air-conducted component in unfamiliar isolation — what everybody else actually hears.
This question's popularity is reflected in that there's over 2 million likes for this EliteDaily article within 24 hours!

Read the full story here.

There’s A Real Reason You Can’t Stand The Sound Of Your Own Voice. EliteDaily.com 6/11/15
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