February 22, 2015

Personal Steam Inhalers/Humidifiers to Treat Cough and Congestion

People with an upper respiratory infection with cough have found that taking a hot steam shower is often helpful for their symptoms. It can ease the nasal congestion and calm the coughing down. Due to these beneficial effects and the fact that dry airways can make a cough worse, a humidifier is a helpful device to have in a room.

Beyond a humidifier, one can also purchase personal portable steam inhalers designed to put over the face. Cost can run anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars. 

Compact humidifers can also be placed near the bedside on a nightstand to help while sleeping (in addition to a room humidifier that is placed on the floor). These usually are under $50.

Keep in mind that though humidity may help with cold and cough symptoms, it could make asthma/COPD worse if you have it. 

Here are some personal steam inhalers you can purchase on Amazon.

Here are some compact humidifers that can be placed on a nightstand near the bed.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered that steam also helps my contact point headaches. I picked up one of those personal steam inhalers off Amazon and it's been just great. I assume it helps to moisturize and sooth the sinuses which helps calm down the angry nerves.

SantaMedical said...

one week ago i was very form cold-flu and used different medicines but no any effect on cold-flu. After that I search about this product on internet and I saw very positive response about this product and I buy this product form Amazon. After some time using this product i got instants relief from my cold-flu. Steam Inhaler is the best products.

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