January 04, 2015

Big Bang Theory TV Star Kaley Cuoco Undergoes Sinus Surgery

On Dec 26, 2014, Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory fame posted on instagram pictures of herself after undergoing sinus surgery. Apparently the need for sinus surgery was present for over one year.

Given Kaley has been suffering from some kind of sinus problem for over one year, what could those possibly be? She may have suffered from recurrent sinus infections or even nasal polyps which would lead to persistent nasal congestion, sino-nasal pain/pressure, and/or need for repeated courses of antibiotics, steroids, and other medications.

From her posted pictures, she has a nasal drip pad under her nose which basically is a folded gauze that is taped into place. Why??? After sinus surgery, it is not unusual to have a mild persistent nosebleed as well as other nasal discharge for about one week. Rather than constantly dabbing the nose with a hand to catch any blood and drainage which would get annoying after awhile, the drip pad can catch such nasal discharge and can be changed as needed.

Another common question was what that tube is coming out her nose as seen in this picture below... 

Based on other pictures (see picture at top of blog article), it is apparent that this tube is NOT actually coming out from her nose but is only a wire that is laying next to her head and positioned just so. This wire is part of her oxygen monitor that extends from a machine, goes down next to her face, and down to her finger.

However, if it truly was coming out of her nose, it could have been part of nasal packing that is only placed if a significant nosebleed was present after sinus surgery.  Such nasal packing is not routinely placed.

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