December 23, 2014

Deputy Performs Life-Saving Tracheostomy on 12 year old in Car Accident

Image from WYFF4
On Nov 8, 2014, there was a terrible car accident that claimed the lives of 3 young adults and another barely hanging on. EMS workers who arrived on the scene found 12-year-old Cheyenne Queen trapped in the car and barely breathing.

A deputy coroner on the scene was called to assess Cheyenne and determined that a trach was the only way to give her a fighting chance at survival. An emergency on-the-field tracheostomy was performed and was felt to have saved her life. On Dec 21, she had her trach tube removed and is now singing her favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Goes to show that if there is an airway problem and there's no feasible way to intubate safely (if even possible), an emergency trach can be performed thereby saving a life. Although typically a surgeon performs tracheostomies, this case illustrates that even individuals who are not physicians can perform successfully in the most difficult of circumstances.

Here's another emergency trach case that was performed in a restaurant on a patron who was choking on a piece of food.

Family shares update on 12-year-old who survived triple-fatal wreck. WYFF4 12/22/14

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