July 19, 2014

Dr. Chang Quoted in Slate Magazine Article

Dr. Chang was quoted several times in a Slate Magazine article regarding some strange things the body does. The article organized in a question and answer format, includes several ENT questions for which Dr. Chang provided answers to.

Such answered questions by Dr. Chang included:
  Occasionally my hearing will ‘go out’ and everything will go dull.. and then a high pitched frequency screeches for a few minutes. No one else hears it and everything else seems really hushed while it's happening. Maybe it's the aliens.

  I can make a loud rumbling sound in my ears at will without moving any muscle in my face. I have no idea what this is called but it kind of sounds like when you put your ear to a seashell at the beach.

  Once in a while when I eat something sugary I get a really sharp pain under/around my ears. like really sharp. It sucks. I did some reading on it, I think it has something to do with the salivary glands?

  Tonsil stones or “Tonsillolith”. They're small white/yellowish blob that randomly comes out of my mouth sometimes... And they smell extremely bad.
Read the magazine article for the answers!

Why Does Your Body Do These Strange Things? Slate July 2014.
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