March 07, 2014

LeBron James and His Broken Nose

LeBron James suffered a broken nose. He first broke it Feb 2014 when playing against Oklahoma City. He than got hit to the nose again (while wearing a mask) when playing against Houston in March 2014. [link]

Regardless of whether you are an NBA player or not, treatment of most nasal and even facial fractures do NOT require surgical repair.

The key elements that lead towards a decision for facial and/or nasal fracture surgery are the following (not all-inclusive, but general pointers):

- Any functional deficit (i.e., inability to open and close the jaw)
- Change in occlusion (the way teeth come together).
- Double vision (blurry vision does not count).
- Cosmetic deformity due to nasal/facial fracture (bruising and swelling does not count).
- Nasal obstruction not due to swelling.

In any case, when a nose is broken, steps should be taken to further minimize trauma to the nose. For athletes, that usually means wearing a facial mask such that any hits to the face does not connect with the broken nose.

Although LeBron James had his facial mask custom made by Marvel, for us mere mortals, you can buy one on Amazon.

Just like every other superhero, LeBron has his Kryptonite. Fox Sports 3/5/14

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