February 04, 2014

New Incisionless Device to Correct Reflux by Medigus

A new trans-oral incisionless device to surgically treat reflux was announced by Medigus, an Israeli company, called the "SRS system." It is a competitor to two other incisionless devices currently available: Stretta (Mederi Therapeutics) and Esophyx (Endogastric Solutions).

Common to all incisionless devices is the fact that the procedure is performed using an endoscope introduced through the mouth threaded down into the stomach. At this point, the technique used by the devices to tighten the valve separating the esophagus and stomach varies.

With Stretta (first on the market), radiofrequency energy is used to induce scarring of the valve causing it to constrict.

With Esophyx (next to market), a 270 degree 2-3cm fundoplication is performed by manipulating the esophago-gastric tissue in a rotating twisting manner and anchoring in place using 12 or more full-thickness polypropylene fasteners.

With SRS, the stomach is folded up against the esophagus and anchored in place using a few staplers. Watch the video below to see how this system works.

The technique that is best for a given patient will vary based on surgeon's comfort and experience with the device as well as unique patient variables. As such, no technique is perfect or applicable to everybody. Also, only time will tell if this or any other incisonless technique provides long-term reflux relief with minimal risk and side effects.

Ask your GI or general surgery specialist on what option is best for you.

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