January 14, 2014

NFL Player Derrick Coleman Has Been Deaf Since Childhood [video]

Derrick Coleman, who plays fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, was born with a genetic mutation that  caused his deafness since he was a toddler. Even with powerful hearing aids, he still needs to lip-read in order to understand what is being said. [link]

Although the exact genetic mutation is not known thru media reports, it is most likely a connexin 26 mutation which is the most common genetic cause for early onset hearing loss and can be tested for through a simple blood draw. He is also probably a candidate for cochlear implants, but given the high impact nature of his profession, it is was likely a good decision he did not get one due to breakage concerns.

Just FYI... with cochlear implants, his hearing could potentially be restored back to normal.

Obviously, he has had to work even harder to make it into the NFL with his legally deaf ears.

Watch this Duracell commercial about his hearing loss.

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Unknown said...

As the grandmother of an eleven year old athlete who has suffered a hearing lost, I was deeply moved by Derrick's story. Like Derrick, my grandson's hearing declined at age 3. He eventually reached a point where the hearing aids no longer helped,so the switch was made to the cochlear implants. His surgeon gave the okay for football (which I didn't like). But none the less, he plays football, basketball,and baseball. In football, he wears a nylon skull cap which keeps the cochlears in place under the helmet. He gets tackled and doesn't seem to have any problems. In basketball, he wears a headband. Even though he is dealing with his challenges, thank you Derrick. Your story can inspire him to take 'all' to the next level. R. Stephens

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