September 11, 2013

Did a Case of Lemierre's Syndrome Influence Super Bowl XLVII?

Image by Keith Allison from Wikipedia
Lemierre's syndrome is an exceedingly rare complication of tonsillitis characterized by an infected clot of the jugular vein leading to sepsis. It may also have potentially influenced Super Bowl XLVII due to an interesting quirk in history.

Back in 2008, a former Heisman Trophy winner from Ohio State University named Troy Smith was the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. Great things were expected of him as he was gearing up to start in the third preseason game of the 2008 season.

Unfortunately... you guessed it... he came down with Lemierre's Syndrome.

Which allowed for a rookie quarterback named Joe Flacco to step in.

Joe Flacco went on to lead the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl win in 2012.

Troy Smith, in the meantime, has never quite recovered professionally since his bout of Lemierre's Syndrome.

Watch a video showing how a tonsillectomy is performed here!

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