August 11, 2013

Facial Plastic Surgery Leading to Clones? Scandal? Divorce? Lawsuits?

Earlier this year, pictures of the 20 finalists for Miss Korea 2013 went viral due to the clone-like appearance of the women. Such clone-like appearance is due to suspected plastic surgery undergone by many if not all of the contestants towards the idealized "Korean plastic face look." Fueling plastic surgery in Korea is the acceptance and popularization of plastic surgery encouraged by celebrity worship culture. Check it out:

Image Taken from MailOnline

Of course, it could be all the makeup and photoshopping that made these contestants all look alike. The reality is a bit more disappointing as shown in pre-makeup pictures published in KoreaBang.

In any case, a scandal of sorts occurred when before and after pictures of Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yu-Mi  surfaced. Note the complete lack of resemblance between her natural looks and her winning appearance (see pics below):

Image Taken From KoreAm

It is perhaps little wonder that with such high prevalence of plastic surgery, that it was only a matter of time before marital strife and even divorce would occur by men who have been "deceived" by a woman's "natural" beauty which was anything but.

Indeed, a Chinese man divorced and sued his wife in 2012 for being ugly... and won [link]. Apparently his wife's appearance became an issue when his daughter was born and resembled nothing like either parent (and allegedly was "incredibly ugly" to boot). After initially thinking his wife cheated on him, the wife admitted spending $100,000 on plastic surgery to become beautiful, and never disclosed this information before marrying him. The lawsuit was based on his belief that he married her under false pretenses of her being beautiful. See pics below.

Image taken from KDVR

I wonder if potential marriages in Asia are now preceded by full disclosure of any plastic surgery done along with the more usual disclosures of educational, family, and financial background.

Chinese man sues wife for being ugly, wins $120,000. KDVR 10/26/12

Has plastic surgery made these beauty queens all look the same? Koreans complain about pageant 'clones'.  MailOnline 4/25/13

Miss Korea’s Plastic Surgery Scandal After Photos Surface. KoreAm 7/20/12
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