July 01, 2013

New Video on Tongue Tie Release Procedure

Tongue tie is a common problem whereby a flap of tissue anchors the tongue tip to the bottom of the mouth. With tongue tie, it is impossible for a patient to stick the tongue straight out (licking an ice cream is impossible) and may potentially lead to problems with feeding in a newborn baby, speech articulation in a young school-age child, and french kissing in teenagers and older.

Due to the frequency at which tongue tie release is performed and the questions parents often have about how this procedure is exactly performed, a video has been created to show the steps on a newborn baby. With the gracious permission of one mom... check out this video. Another video showing the procedure close-up can be watched here.

Tongue tie may not be the only problem that may cause breast-feeding difficulty in an infant. Upper lip tie and posterior tongue tie may also be present.

Even adults get tongue tie release performed due to symptoms felt secondary to an immobile tongue.

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