June 11, 2013

Google Search Now Provides Nutritional Information

It is not uncommon for me to recommend a patient to avoid certain dietary things like salt and caffeine, especially when dealing with tinnitus or Meniere's disease among other problems.

The next few questions I often get is "What can I eat than?" What foods contain low salt? etc etc.

Though I can refer a patient to a dietitian who knows the answer to many of these questions off the top of the head, Google may now be the next step to take in the future.

As of June 10, 2013, Google now provides fast and accurate information regarding nutritional information on all sorts of foods. With time, the already large database of foods will increase.

For example...

As it relates to decreasing salt intake, I often recommend somebody with Meniere's or tinnitus to ingest no more than 1000mg of sodium per day.

Given I'm Asian, I happen to use a lot of soy sauce. If I'm curious as to how much sodium is in soy sauce, just google search "How much sodium is in soy sauce?" and you will get the following answer:

Note that you can also specify what type of soy sauce as well as quantity to get a more specific answer.

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