June 08, 2013

At Home Allergy Testing

Recently, a new at-home allergy test can be found on store shelves throughout the United States as well as Amazon.com. It is called "MyAllergyTest" produced by ImmuneTech Corporation and it is FDA approved. The way it works is that you place a few drops of blood into the collection kit which is than mailed to a lab in a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope.

Results are than obtained via internet or by certified mail in about one week.

What's tested? Only ten things (IgE only):

• Timothy Grass
• Bermuda Grass
• Mountain Cedar
• Short Ragweed
• Alternaria Mold
• Cat Dander
• Mite pternoyssinus
• Egg White
• Wheat
• Milk

As such, if testing comes back normal, it does not mean you do not have allergies... It just means that you do not have allergies to these 10 things only... You could be allergic to other non-tested substances.

A report is produced listing what you are allergic to and how badly:

How accurate is the testing? Apparently, it is comparable to Pharmacia CAP system (specific IgE FEIA).

In terms of actual numbers, the test has a sensitivity 88%, specificity 94%, and accuracy 91%.


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