May 16, 2013

Beyonce Cancels Concert Due to Dehydration (and Exhaustion)

Image by Jingjing Cheng from Wikipedia
Media has reported the superstar pop singer Beyonce cancelled her May 14, 2013 concert in Belgium on the advice of her doctors "due to dehydration and exhaustion".

Though the rumor mill is churning with the possibility of a pregnancy, I was more interested that a concert was cancelled due to dehydration concerns.

Why is hydration so important for voice production, especially in as athletic activity as singing?

With hydration, the glands that line the throat and voicebox produce nice thin secretions. With dehydration, the secretions become thicker and stickier and can adversely affect the voice.

Keep in mind that hydration with its associated thin secretions is like the oil that makes an engine run smooth. When a person talks or sings, the vocal cords vibrate very quickly. Hydration with its thin secretions allows the vibration to occur smoothly and consistently. If dryness is present, the vibrations will not occur as easily.

Watch the video below. You can see the secretions "dancing" on the vocal cords as it should with smooth, even vibrations producing clarity in voice production.

Regardless of what may have prompted Beyonce to cancel her concert, fans hope her recovery will be speedy!

Is Beyonce Pregnant? Singer Cancels Show; Rumor Mill Reignites. Huffington Post 5/14/13

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