April 02, 2013

Why Do Culture Results Take So Long? [video]

One of the most common questions I get after obtaining a culture of pus whether from the ear or the nose is how long it takes before the culture results are back... especially when MRSA is a concern.

Does it take a few hours? 24 hours? Days?

Disappointingly, it can take up to 5+ days if not longer.

You want to know why?

Well, rather than explaining, watch a 6-minute video that explains the numerous steps that goes into providing a diagnosis after a culture has been obtained... in this particular case, ear drainage though the same steps apply to any culture obtained from anywhere else in the body.

Special thanks to Robin Earl who spent hours hanging out in the microbiology lab video-taping all the relevant video clips as well as Fauquier Health for allowing this video to be made!

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