April 22, 2013

ENT Sued for Wrongful Death from Airway Closure

Media reported on a malpractice case whereby in October 2010, a woman presented to the emergency room at Ochsner Medical Center (Louisiana) with symptoms of sore throat, neck pain, and painful swallowing.

A CT neck performed at that time revealed "swelling in her neck and a narrowing at the top of the throat" [link]. Patient was given a strong pain medication to help with her discomfort (presumably a narcotic), admitted into the hospital, and ENT consulted for further evaluation and management. Unfortunately, the patient's airway completely closed early the next morning resulting in a massive brain injury due to oxygen deprivation with eventual withdrawal of life support four days later.

Lawsuit against the hospital and ENT among others pending.

What could have happened?

Based on the limited information provided, it seems that the airway swelling noted on the CT scan could have been due to a large peritonsillar abscess, throat tumor, or epiglottitis.

A peritonsillar abscess is basically a tonsillitis gone real bad with pus collecting under the tonsil causing it to swell. This condition could have been treated quickly with an incision and drainage.

Epiglottitis is when the "throat flap" becomes infected resulting in massive swelling which can lead to airway closure. Typical management would include IV antibiotics, IV steroids, and close observation. If airway truly becomes critical, an awake tracheostomy should be pursued. However, medical management is most always tried first if airway is still patent (albeit narrowed).

Throat tumor (ie, cancer) is pretty much a large growth in the throat causing airway narrowing. Treatment is an emergent awake tracheostomy followed by biopsies to determine what type of cancer is present so that treatment can be pursued as quickly as possible.

It is unclear from media reports exactly what was causing the airway narrowing and whether ENT had even seen the patient until the airway closed off. Also unclear was whether the ENT was made aware just how critical the airway was.

A tragedy...

Daughter of woman who died from brain damage after airway swollen shut sues hospital. The Louisiana Record 4/15/13
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