December 16, 2012

New Anti-Meth Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine)

As anybody who suffers from nasal congestion and runny nose knows, the nasal decongestant medication Sudafed can only be obtained from behind the pharmacy counter after showing identification because Sudafed can be made into meth.

This restriction applies to not just sudafed, but any medication containing the active ingredient "pseudoephedrine" which is a precursor for most meth recipes.

Well, coming soon to a drugstore near you, a new nasal decongestant has been produced that can NOT be made into meth called Zephrex-D. It still contains the active ingredient pseudoephedrine.

Made by Westport Pharmaceuticals, Zephrex-D comes in a "tamper-resistant formulation that locks this active ingredient chemically so that it cannot be used in illicit methods of methamphetamine manufacture," but maintains full clinical benefits for patients.

This drug (30mg tablets) is currently available at several national and local drug retailers throughout Missouri with nationwide deployment in 2013. Combination drugs including Zephrex-D will also become available within the next year.

Obviously, this has the potential to ease purchase restrictions for nasal decongestant drugs.

Westport Pharmaceuticals launches Zephrex-D, a tamper-resistant PSE formulation. DrugStoreNews 12/4/12

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