December 04, 2012

Celebrity Actors Who Have Received a Trach (Catherine Zeta Jones Included)

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Tracheostomy (also known as trach) is when a hole is made in the midline neck directly into a person's windpipe (watch video). Although many people may shy away from this deforming procedure, it can be life-saving.

On that note, here is a short list of famous celebrity actors who have undergone an emergency trach for one reason or another:

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Apparently, when she was a child, she had an emergency trach done. She still has a 1.5 inch scar from this procedure which she elected to not have removed [link].

Gary Coleman
He was hospitalized for 3 months due to complications from thyroid surgery for which he underwent an emergency trach [link].

Watch video of thyroid surgery.

Elizabeth Taylor
In spring of 1961, she developed a case of pneumonia which led to an emergency trach [link].

Christopher Reeve
Of the original Superman fame, he became paralyzed from the neck down after a horse-riding accident. A tracheostomy was required for him to breath due to ventilator dependence. [link]

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