October 19, 2012

Cell Phones Caused Brain Tumor Rules Supreme Court

On October 12, 2012, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that cell phones caused one man's brain tumor. The Court felt that there was a causal link between businessman Innocente Marcolini's brain tumor diagnosis and his phone use which he used up to 6 hours per day for over a decade. Although the brain tumor was a benign trigeminal neuroma, it required surgery and badly affected his quality of life.

This "causal link" between cell phones and brain tumors has been described in a previous blog post.

Though definitive scientific proof that links cell phones with brain tumors (benign or cancerous) is still under debate, apparently this court ruling has set a precedent for possible future lawsuits whether there is a true scientific basis present or not.

Indeed, this court ruling should NOT be confused as conclusive scientific evidence which is still lacking.

However, I forsee that this court ruling will be used in place of scientific evidence.

This association has also been claimed by singer Sheryl Crow who has a brain meningioma.

I'm not sure what is going on within the Italian Court system, but they also recently convicted 7 scientists to jail terms for not accurately predicting the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake. Since when does the Court decide on matters of scientific validity?

Cell Phones Caused Man's Brain Tumor, Italian Supreme Court Rules. Medical Daily 10/19/12.
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