September 26, 2012

After Surgery, Do Patients Have Out-of-Pocket Costs for Follow-Up Visits?

Assuming a patient has insurance, the answer is generally no for a certain period of time...

For a period of time after surgery, insurance specifies that a surgeon provides any and all routine post-operative care for "free" without any patient out-of-pocket charges.

This period after surgery is called "global period" and is based on the assumption that the insurance has already paid for not only the surgery, but all the post-operative care that goes along with the surgery.

BUT... there are certain situations where global period does not apply... such as if a problem arises that is separate from the surgery like seeing the surgeon for a sinus infection after having a skin wart removed.

The sinus infection is a separate problem from the skin wart removal procedure and out-of-pocket copays will apply.

Also, global period does not apply if you decide to see a different surgeon in a different office for any post-operative care. It only applies to the surgeon who actually performed the procedure.

The next question is how long the global period is for post-operative care?

For most surgical procedures, it is 90 days after which any subsequent care is NOT "free".

However, especially for ENT-type procedures, there are a significant number of procedures where the global period is substantially shorter... even zero days.

Here's a sampling of common ENT-type procedures and the global period number of days.

90 Days Global Period
Tonsillectomy +/- Adenoidectomy

10 Days Global Period
Ear Tube Placement
Coblation Turbinate Reduction
Closed Nasal Reduction for Nasal Fracture

0 Day Global Period
Sinus Surgery
Vocal Cord Surgery
Nosebleed Control

For procedures that have a short global period, depending on circumstances, the surgeon may elect to not charge if a patient is seen past the specified number of days.

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