August 08, 2012

Oral Steroids No Help in Sinus Infections?

Media outlets such as Fox News reported yesterday that oral steroids do not help with sinus infections. This claim is based on a small study of 174 patients with clinical symptoms of an acute sinus infection and given either 30 milligrams per day of prednisolone or placebo pills for one week. Of note, antibiotics were not given.

No significant difference in symptom resolution was found.

Now why would one even think to give oral steroids for sinusitis in the first place?

Steroids decrease inflammation and swelling which theoretically would allow for the sinuses to drain more easily and effectively therefore expediting sinusitis resolution.

Also, there have been studies that suggest steroid nasal sprays do help with resolve sinusitis to a certain extent.

Keep in mind that steroids are NOT antibiotics and do not kill the germs that cause an infection. Furthermore, many viral upper respiratory infections are misdiagnosed as sinus infections.

What this study suggests is that at least for acute sinusitis, oral steroids alone do not help resolve an acute sinus infection.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that oral steroids have been shown to help with nasal polyps and chronic sinus infections when given in the setting of antibiotics and sinus surgery.

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