August 17, 2012

CPAP + Oral Appliance (All-In-One) Device for OSA

A dentist colleague of mine informed me of a new device that combines CPAP mask with an oral appliance for patients with obstructive sleep apnea (CPAP Pro + Mandibular Advancement).

The unique benefits of this combo device are several-fold:

• No straps
• Keeps mouth closed
• Addresses tongue collapse that obstruct the airway by bringing jaw forward
• Can sleep in any position

This device does need to be fitted by a dentist. (For Virginia residents, Dr. Jason Woodside is familiar with this product.)

Of course, it is relatively new and we'll see if patients love this combo CPAP mask more than the traditional masks that have been on the market.

For those patients who do NOT have a problem with tongue collapse, but prefer the no-straps solution of the oral appliance, the company does make a mouthguard that fits only the upper teeth.

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