July 10, 2012

Phone App That Measures How Loudly You Listen to Your Music!

There are plenty of sound meters in the market for iPhone and Android smartphones that tell a user how  loud the surrounding noise is. Many of these apps are free.

However, rather than recording the loudness of the surrounding environment, there is now a new phone app called Safe and Sound (only for Android phones) that measures the decibel level of the sound emitted from headphones and gives the user a clear indication of how loud their music really is. Furthermore, it also records the user's listening history and alerts them when they are close to their daily recommended dose of noise exposure.

It is free as well!

Listening to loud music has become an increasing concern as hearing loss is being seen at earlier and earlier ages with increasing need for hearing aids. Complaints of tinnitus is also present.

Download the app here.

Developer website.

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