April 18, 2012

Video on Ear Clogging and What Happens When They Pop Open (or Don't)

A new video has been created describing anatomically how a person pops the ear open when it feels clogged or under pressure. Also explained is what happens anatomically when the clogged ear is very difficult if not impossible to pop open; a condition called eustachian tube dysfunction.

Check the video out here!

Here's a video explaining what is happening more from an anatomical perspective:

Here's another video showing how an ear infection may cause a clogged ear.

Here are some items that have helped some people to pop their ears:

earpopper to help pop a clogged ear eustachi to help pop a clogged ear afrin nasal spray otovent to help pop a clogged ear flonase fluticasone

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Anonymous said...

There is another option for eustachian tube dysfunction, that may be right for you, it's called eustachian tube dilation. I had it done 6 months ago and it worked instantly. My tubes are still open. This is a new procedure that may be another option for people suffering with EDT. If you google under videos,"new treatment for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction" you can see the actual surgery. This is a devasting problem for many people. I got better, i hope others do too. Check it out. It may help.

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