December 03, 2011

Portable CT Scanner

Portable X-ray machines are commonplace... but a portable CT scanner?!!

I saw this article by MedGadget about a portable CT scanner introduced earlier this year that can be wheeled around in the hospital made by NeuroLogica.

When looking up more details, the company makes not just one portable CT scanner, but FOUR different portable machines:

BodyTom: Portable whole-body CT Scanner
CereTom: Portable CT Head scanner
OTOscan: Portable CT Sinus scanner
inSPira HD SPECT: Portable SPECT scanner

Pretty amazing.

Though the whole-body CT scanner seems a bit big to be easily moved from hospital room to hospital room, it is comparable in size to portable fluoroscopy equipment currently in use. The other models are quite a bit smaller.

Realistically, I think the CereTOM will be the big winner as CT scans of the head is probably the most ordered CT scan in the hospital, often ordered to evaluate for stroke, head injury after a fall, sinusitis, facial fractures, brain tumor, seizures, etc, etc, etc. In many of these situations, the patient is fairly immobile and it just may be easier and faster if the CT scanner is brought to the patient rather than patient wheeled to a stationary CT scanner.

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Unknown said...

I appreciate seeing this new ballon sinuplasty surgery. Anything less invasive we are offered by our physicians we are grateful for. I had this surgery and it did open up my sinuses, and get rid of my infection. I also had the additional procedure of implanted stents in my sinus. My dr put four stents in. The purpose of theses stents are not only to keep the sinuses open, but they also deliver medicine directly to the infected area, then are removed in 28 days. Just another new option for these stubborn infections! Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

X-Ray chick said...

Oh wow this is amazing! Thanks for sharing this! =)

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