November 03, 2011

The Doctors TV Show Does Chronic Throat Clearing

The Doctors TV show recently did a segment on chronic throat clearing. The ENT expert who explained this very annoying condition was Dr. Reena Gupta, a well-respected laryngologist with the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.

During this TV show, Dr. Gupta provided the two most common reasons for chronic throat clearing which were post-nasal drainage and reflux.

At its most basic explanation, mucus can come from the nose down into the throat (post-nasal drainage) OR mucus can come up from the stomach into the throat (reflux). The end-result is a person desiring to throat clear the mucus up and out.

However, there are other causes which were not addressed by Dr. Gupta during the show.

Other reasons for chronic throat clearing include:

Medication Side Effect
Food Allergies or Sensitivities
Zenker's Diverticulum
Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy
Anatomic Triggers
Non-Organic Tic

Read more about chronic throat-clearing here.

Watch the TV show segment here.

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