November 29, 2011

Cuddly Robot That Cures Snoring!

The robot which is shaped like a polar bear essentially listens for snoring while monitoring oxygen levels of the snorer. The individual sleeps on this robotic bear. When oxygen levels drop coupled with snoring heard through its microphone, the robot lifts its paw and tickles the forehead which induces the snoring individual to shift position resulting in snore cessation all without actually waking the individual. Watch video below.

Of course, there's no studies I'm aware of that actually determines whether this works or not, but the concept is sound.

The robot was developed in Japan in Tokyo's Waseda University and was unveiled during the International Robot Show, but not yet commercially available.

The name of the robotic bear is "Jukusui-Kun".

Read more about this here.

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Tony B said...

Any person can snore. Studies estimate that 45% of males and 30% of females snore on a typical basis. Often, people who don't regularly snore will report snoring instantly after a viral illness, after drinking alcohol, or when taking some medications. zquiet

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