October 26, 2011

The Illusion of Healthcare Progress

Wellcome Film based in London has transferred numerous films dating from the early 20th century related to healthcare and medicine that anybody can view for free. Aside from the historical value, it is amazing that much of what we know and do now is not all that different than what was done in the 1920s. It makes me wonder sometimes what "progress" in healthcare actually has happened over the past century. In some things, tremendous change has occurred whereas in other areas of medicine, time might as well have stood still.

It also perhaps explains why in spite of all our "high-tech" medical equipment and sophisticated tests available in the United States that our health as a nation is still not as good as other nations without these benefits.

Take for example dizziness evaluation and understanding. Here are 3 films from 1925 that goes over dizziness evaluation and physiologic basis for it.

At its essence, nothing has really changed between 1925 and 2011. Sad really... Given this lack of progress, I would so far as to venture (with a straight face and all kidding aside) to say that American rates of dizziness is comparable to ANY other nation in the world with treatment protocols no better or worse too.

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