August 07, 2011

Major League Baseball Bans Under the Tongue Deer Antler Spray Use

On Aug 6, 2011, ESPN reported that MLB players have been issued a warning regarding use of Deer Antler spray administered under the tongue.

Deer-Antler spray contains "potentially contaminated nutritional supplements" along with IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) which players have used in the past as an alternative to steroids, especially given it can't be detected in urine samples (only blood testing).

What's with Deer-Antler spray specifically? Scientists discovered IGF-1 in the velvet of immature deer antlers and IGF-1 is considered a performance-enhancer that mediates the level of human growth hormone in the body.

Why under the tongue (sublingual administration)? Because the mucus membrane is quite thin under the tongue richly underlaid with capillary blood vessels allowing for direct diffusion of the substance directly into the body's bloodstream with little or no alteration. This process takes less than a minute to occur. This is in contrast to swallowing a pill which gets digested in the stomach with acid, further digested in the intestines with enzymes, absorbed into the hepatic circulation where further degradation occurs in the liver before getting into general body circulation for effect. A 30-60 minute process.

That's why sublingual nitrogen is such a potent medication to treat chest pain due to an impending heart attack. It works FAST!

It's another reason why sublingual immunotherapy otherwise known as allergy drops is a growing acceptable alternative to allergy shots to try and cure allergies.

Read the ESPN story here.
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