July 20, 2011

R&B Singer R. Kelly Undergoes Peritonsillar Abscess Drainage

Reuters on July 20, 2011 reported that R&B singer R. Kelly suffered from a peritonsillar abscess that required emergency drainage.

Peritonsillar abscess is when a pus collection develops within the tonsil causing it to swell. This may occur over a period of 24 hours resulting in a severe sore throat and trouble swallowing. This condition is in contrast to tonsillitis which is when the tonsil itself is infected, but no pus collection is present.

On exam, the affected tonsil may be huge crossing the midline (see picture). The uvula often is pushed to the opposite side and the soft palate may be asymmetrically huge as well.

Treatment is immediate incision and drainage. In an adult, this can be easily performed in the clinic after adequate local anesthesia. The pus is allowed to drain out and the patient often feels much improved within 12 hours. Antibiotics and a short burst of steroids is often prescribed afterwards.

Read the story here.

Read more about peritonsillar abscess management here.
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