May 30, 2011

ENT Practices and Physicians Who Twitter...

Did you know Fauquier ENT maintains one of the most comprehensive list of ENT physicians who twitter and are otherwise involved with social media not only in the United States, but in the world?

Check out the full list here. There are 76 and growing!

If you are an ENT practice or ENT physician not on the list, please let me know by DM @FauquierENT and I'll add you!

If you are a resident in otolaryngology, feel free to let me know as well.

Fauquier blog
Fauquier ENT

Dr. Christopher Chang is a private practice otolaryngology, head & neck surgeon specializing in the treatment of problems related to the ear, nose, and throat. Located in Warrenton, VA about 45 minutes west of Washington DC, he also provides inhalant allergy testing/treatment, hearing tests, and dispenses hearing aids.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. My daughter has a chloesteotoma and needs to see an ENT doctor right away. Thank you for posting all of these great links to doctors. I didn't know where to look!

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