March 14, 2011

Tonsillectomy WITHOUT Anesthesia in a Child [GRAPHIC]


This video contains a VERY GRAPHIC video of a child having his tonsils removed without anesthesia or sedation. This video is EXTREMELY disturbing. DO NOT watch it if you are easily shocked, offended, or have a weak stomach.

A colleague forwarded this video to me and though I regularly perform tonsillectomy, I myself felt quite disturbed by it.

Many readers have also informed me that the video is actually an adenoidectomy rather than tonsillectomy, but hard to say which procedure is being done.

In any case assuming video title is correct, in most countries, tonsillectomy is performed under general anesthesia (as shown in this video), but there are still some places in the world where this surgery is performed without any anesthesia or sedation. Although I have been aware of this method, I have never seen it done without sedated anesthesia until I watched this video. This particular video was recorded (supposedly) in Belarus.

I was debating whether to embed this video directly in this post, but ultimately decided against it.

To watch this graphic video, click here.

You have been forewarned regarding the graphic nature.


Tonsillectomy performed WITH anesthesia as done in most countries is shown here:

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Anonymous said...


The link on this page is NOT showing a Tonsillectomy WITHOUT Anesthesia in a Child

but it is showing an Adenoidectomy without Anesthesia.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. J.B. van Rijswijk, MD, PhD
ENT surgeon, Facial Plastics
The Netherlands / Switzerland

Fauquier ENT said...

Thank you for the clarification... As I've never done one before on a child awake like this, I was going based on the title of the video.

Anonymous said...

3+ years later and I see it perfectly (I had to turn it off because JEEEZUS!)

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