December 04, 2010

Strange But True Allergies People Suffer From (Sex, Kissing, Water, etc)

As shown on CBS news here, these things can cause an allergic reaction in the rare unfortunate individual:

1) Water can cause hives in some people (aquagenic urticaria)
2) Sunlight
3) Kissing (a person has recently eaten a food substance that the person being kissed is allergic too)
4) Sex (some women are allergic to seminal fluid)
5) Hops and barley can cause an allergic reaction
6) Low temperatures
7) Cell phones (due to Nickle content)
8) Pressure (too tight a belt, necktie, bra, etc)
9) Chocolate
10) Exercise (cholinergic urticaria)
11) Vibration (dental drill, lawn-mower, jackhammer, etc)
12) Allergy medications (or more precisely, the additives found within allergy medications)

See your local allergist if you suspect you have this!

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