October 12, 2010

UPDATE #2: iPad and MediTech Electronic Medical / Health Records

This blog article is a continuation of prior blogs (6/12/10 and 9/20/10) I wrote on the use of the iPad with Meditech.

Since June 12, 2010 when I first wrote about my experiences of using the iPad with my hospital's Meditech EMR system, a LOT has happened...

First, the hospital has upgraded its Citrix infrastructure to allow iPad (as well as Mac) connectivity to the hospital's MediTech EMR using the Citrix Receiver app (free in iTunes). I reported this back in 9/20/10.

Since than, the hospital has done a remarkable job optimizing and speeding up the connectivity to the point where using MediTech on the iPad is JUST AS FAST as using it on a hospital networked desktop. Of course, the iPad needs WiFi access to achieve these speeds.

Furthermore, I can now access PACS directly via Citrix Receiver app on my iPad rather than going through MediTech which is just great!

My only complaint now (which may not be possible to address with current Citrix software) is the initial prolonged time it takes to get to the MediTech logon screen. After that, speed is quite zippy.

From my conversations with individuals in the know, the next step would be to create a "MediTech" app on the iPad, rather than going thru Citrix Receiver app.

Obviously, one way of doing this is if MediTech creates a native application for the iPad which does not appear to be likely anytime in the near future.

A more likely solution that may be achievable in the next few months is to create a "virtual" MediTech iPad app using Citrix as the engine "under-the-hood". This is an active area of development and I am optimistic that such a virtual MediTech iPad app will soon be available.

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