September 24, 2010

Tilt-Table Test: An Under-Utilized Study To Evaluate Light-Headed Dizziness

We often see patients for dizziness. Many of these patients do not have an ear etiology for their dizziness given principal complaint of light-headedness, especially with standing/sitting up from a laying down position. In this scenario, a blood pressure issue is the more likely cause. Why? Because when you get up from a laying down position, gravity pulls the blood down and away from your head resulting in a transient lack of adequate blood-flow to the brain resulting in light-headedness... and even a fainting spell if severe enough.

Normally, the body is able to compensate for such position changes quickly, but when it doesn't, watch out... Light-headed dizziness or fainting/blacking out will occur.

The best test to evaluate this problem is a tilt-table test. Check out the video to see how this test is performed. Be aware that not all hospitals offer this type of test.

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