September 27, 2010

Dr. Chang Mentioned in Newspaper Regarding Spasmodic Dysphonia

The Culpeper Star Exponent released a story on Sept 27, 2010 regarding an individual suffering from ABductor spasmodic dysphonia. This voice disorder is characterized by voice breaks while talking making it very difficult to talk as well as to be understood.

This individual has been treated with botox injections by Dr. Chang who was mentioned in the article:

"Taylor has one of the rarest forms of the disorder and therefore the hardest to treat. Nonetheless, she seeks treatment every four months through Dr. Christopher Chang, an ear, nose and throat specialist based in Warrenton. He is a leading expert in vocal chord treatments, and Taylor is happy he’s located so close by."

Read the story here.
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Dr. Christopher Chang is a private practice otolaryngology, head & neck surgeon specializing in the treatment of problems related to the ear, nose, and throat. Located in Warrenton, VA about 45 minutes west of Washington DC, he also provides inhalant allergy testing/treatment, hearing tests, and dispenses hearing aids.

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