July 31, 2010

Reuters: Damp house linked to kids' risk of nasal allergies

Reuters published a story on July 30 regarding a Finnish study that found that those children who lived in homes with dampness or mold problems were more likely to develop allergic rhinitis during the 6 year study period.

16 percent of children whose parents reported dampness in the home went on to be diagnosed with allergic rhinitis over the next six years. That compared with just under 12 percent of children whose parents reported no dampness problems. Children whose parents reported any mold or water damage in the home at the outset were 55 percent more likely than other children to develop allergic rhinitis -- connected to any allergen, and not just mold.

Read the Reuters story here.

Home Dampness and Molds as Determinants of Allergic Rhinitis in Childhood: A 6-Year, Population-based Cohort Study. Am J Epidemiol. 2010 Jul 16.

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