July 31, 2010

Fauquier Hospital Featured in the Washington Post

Not sure how I missed it, but I was recently informed that Fauquier Hospital was featured in the Washington Post on March 24, 2009 after the hospital received a "designated" status by Planetree Organization. That's a great honor especially when considering Fauquier Hospital is one of only 8 hospitals in the entire country with that honor.

What exactly does this designation mean in terms of patient care?

• Private patient hospital rooms
• Family and friends can drop by any time, day or middle of the night
• Food that's actually good
• Patient friendly architectural features including:
  • built-in sleeping accommodations for family members
  • carpeted corridors and additional windows
  • lamps have replaced overhead lighting
  • halls have been carpeted to keep down noise or are finished in faux wood for a warmer feel
  • community artwork hangs on the walls
  • barriers between patients and staff, such as those sliding-glass windows that close nurses off from patients and the public, have been removed
  • elevators for patients and the public are separate
  • no constant paging over the intercom system, either; instead, unobtrusive music plays all the time.
Also, a culture fostering patient care is presented.

Given I'm a physician on staff at this hospital, I can say it is all true!

Congratulations to the hospital!

Read the Washington Post article here.
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