May 12, 2010

TV Show "Glee" Character Rachel Has Laryngitis? Tonsillitis?

On May 11, 2010, Glee aired its eighteenth episode titled "Laryngitis". In this episode, Rachel suffered from a lost voice which was attributed to tonsillitis or is it laryngitis.

It was a bit confusing as it would seem her lost voice was attributable to laryngitis (title of the episode), but than she was diagnosed with tonsillitis by the TV doctor which really has nothing to do with laryngitis. I guess it is possible that she had TWO conditions going on at the same time even though she did not mention a sore throat at any time.

I can say for certain that the TV doctor was not portraying an otolaryngologist mainly because he was wearing a stethescope around his neck (our profession does not carry a stethescope on our person).

In any case, I doubt Rachel had tonsillitis. The main complaint with tonsillitis is a sore throat and not a lost voice. As such, she probably had a mild case of laryngitis which in most cases, only time, voice rest, and hydration should have been adequate. Antibiotics do not play a role in most cases of laryngitis which are virally induced.
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Watch TV Shows said...

What does that have to do with the show? I just love watching Glee... anyway I too found it confusing... :D :)

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