April 26, 2010

Sudden Hearing Loss Can Be Due to Erectile Dysfunction Medications (Cialis, Viagra, etc)

It's been a few years since the warning has come out from the FDA regarding sudden hearing loss in men who take viagra, cialis, and other erectile dysfunction (ED) medications. In 2007, the FDA authorized more prominent labeling that such drugs may potentially cause sudden hearing loss because of this concern.

This concern initially stemmed from a 2007 case report of
bilateral profound unremitting sensorineural hearing loss in a 44-year-old male patient that occurred after ingestion of viagra 50 mg/day for 15 days.

Another more recent 2010 study quantified that such erectile dysfunction medications may actually double the risk of hearing loss. With sudden hearing loss, one can also experience tinnitus as well as ear fullness.

As such, it's nice to review this rare condition that may lead to permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, ear fullness for which only hearing aids may help. Of course, one can suffer this sudden condition without taking such medications.

If you experience sudden hearing loss (whether taking ED medications or not), see your local ENT as soon as possible as there is a window of opportunity during which certain interventions may help reverse and restore your hearing back to normal! Such intervention include:

• High doses of prednisone
Intratympanic steroid injection into the ear
• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Click here to read more about sudden hearing loss.

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