April 25, 2010

Does the EARDOC Work?

So I've seen a whole lot of hub-bub regarding a medical device called EARDOC.

The way EARDOC is explained to work is through vibrations conducted via the mastoid bone into the middle ear and eustachian tube by placing the device behind the ear and activating it.

The main question on my mind is whether it actually works... And on that point, it's less clear. There certainly is a lot of patient testimonials as well as marketing spots in support of its effectiveness. However, it would be nice to see independent testimonials as well as promotions NOT by professional bloggers. I find the negative reviews on Amazon.com to be most enlightening.

AND while it may work, it would be nice to have actual research done on this device to prove it.

According to their website, "The Eardoc was tested in the Top Medical University in Europe. The Eardoc test was performed with a Tympanometer on 40 Patients over 6 weeks, it shows with no doubt that the EARDOC opens the Eustachian tube and relieves the pain."

So where is the paper showing this? I did a pubmed search and nothing came up.

If it is a "Top Medical University in Europe", what is the name of it? If this product is so great, why is the university itself not promoting it and associating its name to a medical device that works so amazingly well on a problem that is so common?

I can say for one thing... they have a pretty aggressive marketing campaign going on via twitter and facebook.

In any case, what I CAN say is that it probably can't hurt to try it out (beyond losing $55 and extending your ear infection/pain which may get worse while waiting for it to work). For those curious, it is sold on Amazon as well as directly from the company.

Without further independent research evidence by a reputable institution (research that is published and listed in PubMed), it is not possible to say whether it truly works beyond placebo or if it is just a gimmick.

Here's a video explaining how the eustachian tube works:

However, here are some products that DO help to pop the ears:

Fauquier blog
Fauquier ENT

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Anonymous said...

i feel the same way im stuck home with what my doctor says is swimmers ear. ive been taking drops perscribed by my doctor. also pain reliever.but its not helping the pain!!!! ive been doing many google searches and most people say the best pain reliever is the eardoc i dont no weather or not to believe these because if it worked so well wouldnt you see adds for it on televistion or in the paper? ear aches are common and if this device really did work i probably would have heard about it already. plus with the cost of almost $60 i dont think i should waist my time.

Anonymous said...

"That's the difference between anecdotal (personal) evidence (pretty much worthless) and research evidence."

Looking for evidence myself, which would be nice, but it's not definitive esp. when "research evidence" is not the gold standard many think it is when evidence is bought and sold daily (medical ghost writing, suppression of negative studies, off-label marketing...)

Anonymous said...

Too true with "research evidence" as stated by above anonymous. But hey even some sort of Medical Research would be better than "john/jane" doe Raving about a product through Testimonial Videos (having been to EARDOC site myself - its a way to get your 55 dollars back by sending in Testimonial Videos.) It might be just slightly better .. and yes rarely do we get to hear of the negative studies/outcomes.

Too bad we cant get "Mythbusters" to do a segment on this - with a doctor that is a specialist in the area of ENT that could help out with determining if this product works or not.

I wouldnt spend 55 dollars on this product - even IF I was assured of getting it back by sending in a "Testimonial" video (am sure if it didnt work for me and I said that in the video no one would get to see it nor I figure would I get my money back)

Anonymous said...

To be honest, if you have ever suffered from chronic ear infections $55 is a small price to pay to have even some relief. If all it offers is some placebo effect to individuals with an ear ache I think why not try it. The comment however about myth busters exploring the products viability is very interesting!

totallymak said...

The University that did the study on the Eardoc is called Szeged University. A copy of the study can be requested at eardocmcp@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

So I found this link to a paper on eardoc effectiveness from Szegard University here:


I noticed that this paper was never published in any journal... European, US, or otherwise... In fact, the only place it appears to have been published is in the Eardoc website itself and nowhere else.

Also, who has heard of Szeged University? Given I've never heard of it, didn't realize it is considered a "top" European medical center???

Eardoc team said...

the research mentioned was made in a university in hungary - Szeged University. this study is not published due to pressure from university to "oil" their engines,sort of speak.

all bloggers and reviewers give their own opinions, we do not pay any of them.we do provide them with a free Eardoc, as we provide any client who is willing to review it - http://www.eardoc.info/get-your-free-eardoc/

as a good doctor, i do believe you should step up to the challenge and test the product, instead of writing your opinion with out even seeing what the Eardoc is.

Anonymous said...

Attn previous poster:
I have had mastoiditis in the past, and surgery to remove the infection of the mastoid bone that came from the middle ear. The reason some of us want research is I don't want the vibrations to be further spreading the infection into the bone, regardless of whether it affects the pain negatively or postitively. It is after all a SKULL bone we're taking about here...you know the one that holds the brain and meninges. When I had the surgery years ago they said we're trying to save your life by keeping that infection in the bone out of the brain. So while I like the idea of the eardoc, someone is going to have to choke up some research proving efficacy AND safety before I'll do something that could jeopardize my existence!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, it seems like a very simple concept to me for children's ear conditions (adults not so much). There is fluid stuck in the Eustachian tube and the vibration loosens the material. I don't need to buy the silly plastic tool, I just vibrate my mouth over the back of my child's ear and she immediately stops screaming and I can hear her swallowing something. The concept is sound and most of you people are idiots who need someone else to think for you. Not only that but people need to buy some stupid device made in China? Big pharma won't let this simple information interfere with their agendas anyway, THAT'S why it's not all over the controlled media on the brainwashing boob tube.

Anonymous said...

I have tried it and it works!!! I had fluid in the inner ear and was deaf for 3 months. My MD said either they would have to puncture the ear drum or put a tube in. In my desperation not to have either of those I searched the internet and found the eardoc. After using even the first time I noticed it was better, then I used it for 2 days and better and better. Then I decided to stop to see what would happen and it blocked totally. So I started back using and immediately my ear was open. In Total I am 1 week later and my ear is totally open. I am taking it to my MD and the specialist as I think THIS should be the first treatment and the tubes etc only if it doesn't work. So thats my story!


Anonymous said...

No offense but the eardoc really seems like a fly by night operation. Saw on amazon you requested that someone remove a negative review of your product (claiming he as using it incorrectly). For me that is a sure sign the eardoc is a waste of money. If your product truly works that's great. If you are taking advantage of people's desperation to make a quick buck you're the worst kind of people.

totallymak said...

I understand your concerns but this is definitely not about making a quick buck. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee (no video testimonial necessary) because we believe in the efficacy of the Eardoc. It has been proven by the many customers who have written to us to let us know how relieved they are that they finally found a solution to their ear pain.

You can find us on Ebay under eardocusa or go to our website eardocusa.com

- Merri

Anonymous said...

Im a 65 year old lady and ive had ear infections for years because the inner tube in my right ear gets blocked when i have a sinus infection in my nose.
Ive been using eardoc for about 2 months and it works i wouldnt be without it and recommed it to anyone

Hibernogirl said...

I have suffered a deaf ear due to fluid build up for 14 years following a airplane flight. Eventually I had a surgical clean out and tube inserted and hearing restored. This was repeated 5 years later but now after 6 months it is nearly as bad. All this is an expensive business with consultants fees, audiology tests, rounds of antibiotics and of course hospital costs for day surgery. I will give it a go and report back!

Anonymous said...

just recieved my Eardoc in the post and used it for the first time. Ive had significant pressure in my ears for a few months and nothing else has worked so tried it as i had nothing to lose.Given that ive only used it once so far the difference is palbable ive got a long haul flight to Vegas from the UK in September and was dreading it with concern about my ears but feel that this is going to be a godsend for me. U speak as you find and this is my finding.

Anonymous said...

No need to be so nasty. Just say it's not likely to work and it's a marketing scam.

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