April 18, 2010

Doctor Sentenced to 5+ Months Jail For Using Non-FDA Approved Botox on Patients

A Houston physician, Dr. Gayle Rothenburg, was sentenced to 5½ months in federal prison on April 16, 2010 for injecting patients with a Botox product not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for human use. Read the full story here.

She did this in order to save money at the expense of patient safety.

Please note that in our office, we use ONLY the brand-name BOTOX made by Allergan Corporation. In fact, we purchase our BOTOX directly from Allergan Corporation and not through a third party supplier.

Always ask your doctor where they get their BOTOX from and make sure you are happy with their answer (buyer beware)!

Read more about this story here.

To see a full list of procedures we perform with BOTOX, click here.
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